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Contributor Atasha Fyfe


Atasha Fyfe
Atasha Fyfe

Atasha Fyfe studied history and English literature to degree level, before qualifying as a counsellor and hypnotherapist, and becoming a past life therapist. Based in Glastonbury, Atasha gives workshops on past life regression, regularly publishes articles in New Age magazines and provides magical regression experiences for her clients.



The Sphinx and Pyramid of Giza
Why Do People So Often Think They Have Had Famous Past Lives? When people first hear about past lives, they often wonder if they were ever important or famous. They may have a feeling that they lived in a... Comments
An hourglass and book
How Does Past Life Regression Work? Consciousness is like a multi-storey building. Everyday awareness is akin to one of the floors. When we’re on that level, we can see only what’s on... Comments


Ask For Help From The Holy Spirit

Welcome any family members who have passed on to the next realm.




Past Lives
Past Lives

Past Lives: Discover and Connect With Your Past Lives to Create Positive Change introduces the idea that we have multiple lifetimes, explores how they can connect to each other, and offers techni