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Byron  Katie
Byron Katie
Byron Katie is the author of the bestselling books Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life, I Need Your Love—Is That True?, and A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are. ..... On her website you will find her blog, her schedule, a network of facilitators, a free hotline, audio and video clips, articles, and basic information about Katie and The Work, including free materials to download. Her book with Hay House, Question Your Thinking, Change the World: Quotations from Byron Katie was published in 2007, and her latest book, also with Hay House, Who Would You Be Without Your Story?, was published in October 2008.



You Can’t Make People Happy You can’t make people happy. My daughter wanted a car. It was not an easy time in her life. She was just turning sixteen. She was so beautiful and... Comments
Are You Ready To Do The Work? THE WORK IS A SIMPLE yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the stressful thoughts that cause all the suffering in... Comments


Hayhouse The Mindful Manifesto with Dr. Jonty Heaversedge and Ed Halliwell Stress is endemic in our culture. We live in a restless world, and there often seems little t


Question Your Thinking, Change The World
Question Your Thinking, Change The World

In this powerful book of quotations, Byron Katie talks about the most essential issues that face us all-love, sex, and relationships; health, sickness, and death; parents and children; work and money;

Who Would You BeWithout Your Story?
Who Would You BeWithout Your Story?

This book is a collection of 15 dialogues that occurred throughout the United States and Europe with Byron Katie. Some of the people who worked with Katie have painful illnesses, others are lovelorn o