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Contributor Charles Holt


Charles  Holt
Charles Holt
Charles Holt is an actor, singer, and producer who has starred in some of the most celebrated productions in American theater history including Smokey Joe's Café, Jesus Christ Superstar, and The Lion King. He was the first African American to play the role of Rocky in the European tour of The Rocky Horror Show. Charles has addressed many groups and organizations including TEDx, Engaged Diversity Leadership Conference, and NCORE (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity). Intuitive Rebel is his first book.



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Intuitive Rebel
Intuitive Rebel

Charles Holt takes us on a journey within, showing us how to recognize this voice of inspiration by delving into Universal principles such as Excellence, Community, Freedom, Forgiveness, and Service.

Intuitive Rebel
Intuitive Rebel

In his dynamic book Intuitive Rebel: Tuning in to Voice That Matters, Charles Holt describes the Voice as one's most precious possession-an innate gift that holds the keys to our greatest achievement