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Contributor Christa MacKinnon


Christa MacKinnon
Christa MacKinnon

Christa Mackinnon is a psychologist, family counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist whose life was transformed by her discovery of shamanism. She has trained with numerous well-respected shamanic teachers, is the author of Shamanism and Spirituality in Therapeutic Practice and facilitates shamanic training courses and workshops



A shaman on a riverbank
The Shamanic View Of The World The traditional shamanic world-view, which is shared by contemporary shamanism (although sometimes described in more modern terms), is based on the... Comments
Silhouette of a shaman
Why Is Shamanism Becoming So Popular? Why is shamanism in all its varieties becoming increasingly popular? Why is this happening now? In a nutshell we can say that as human beings we have... Comments


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An introductory guide to shamanism - the oldest and most enduring spiritual wisdom tradition - and its powerful practices for healing and finding wholeness.   Learn how to: - build an altar an