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Contributor Dr. Dragos Bratasanu


Dr. Dragos Bratasanu
Dr. Dragos Bratasanu

Dr. Dragos is an award winning space scientist, author and speaker who has presented on 5 continents. Dragos holds a Ph.D in the field of satellite-based intelligence, and has received several international awards for his research. In his twenties, Dragos traveled alone to the North and the South Pole, and was the engineer of a simulation mission that paved the way for future flights to Mars. His team at Singularity University was named by Forbes Magazine “among the smartest people in the world,” and Dragos was nominated for the M.I.T. Innovators Under 35 Award – a most prestigious recognition for “the brightest minds in Europe who are changing society.” His work is endorsed by NASA legends, rock stars, celebrity entrepreneurs and New York Times bestselling authors. His movie The Amazing You is translated in 20 languages. 



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