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Contributor Don Campbell


Don  Campbell
Don Campbell
Don Campbell is a recognized authority on the transformative power of music, listening, and The Mozart Effect®.



The Harmony of Health Music changes our sense of time, how we experience the world around us. It can expand our perceptions and bring clarity to the mind. The auditory... Comments


2 Ten-Minute Talks To Save Your Relationship

Gay & Katie discuss scheduling 10 minute talks twice weekly to create lasting love. Taken from the upcoming book "Conscious Loving Ever After" You


Creating Inner Harmony
Creating Inner Harmony

Whether we sing, hum, or just inwardly Ooh and Aah, our voices are ideal for expressing emotions, releasing stress, awakening energy or just exploring the world of creativity. This book is a five-day

Sound Spirit
Sound Spirit

This inspired book and CD will be a constant reminder of the many ways we can keep our faith steady in times of challenge. When doubt and fear come our way, the power of the Sound Spirit can bring us