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Contributor Dr. Ingeborg N. Bosch


Dr. Ingeborg N. Bosch
Dr. Ingeborg N. Bosch
Dr Ingeborg N. Bosch received her Dutch Doctoraal degree in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam (1986). Inspired by the work of Alice Miller and later that of Jean Jenson, who became a close colleague and mentor, Ingeborg went on to develop the new insights and theoretical concepts that have now given rise to a fundamentally renewed therapy, PRI. Now based in France, as well as providing therapy and writing books she is dedicated to the training of therapists in order to make PRI more accessible to the larger public.



Got Emotional Harmony? So what is it that we all look for? Happiness? Love everlasting? Peace of mind? Health? Success? All of these at once? As a therapist what I find... Comments


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