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Contributor Dr. Terry Gordon


Dr. Terry  Gordon
Dr. Terry Gordon
Dr. Terry Gordon, a Cleveland Clinic–trained cardiologist, practiced within mainstream medicine for over two decades. Named the American Heart Association’s National Physician of the Year in 2002, Terry is nationally recognized in matters of the heart. As a motivational speaker, he has shared the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer; as a musician, he is the co-host of Docs Who Rock, a United Way event. He is currently spearheading a national campaign called The Josh Miller HEARTS Act, which will place Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in every school in the country, protecting from sudden cardiac arrest our most precious resource: our children.



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No Storm Lasts Forever When heart specialist, Dr. Terry Gordon, received the devastating news that his young son, Tyler, was severely injured in an automobile accident, he... Comments


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No Storm Lasts Forever
No Storm Lasts Forever

Tyler, was involved in a car accident, sustaining a severe spinal-cord injury that left him paralyzed. Leading his family through the experience, Terry's journey resulted in a spiritual awakening to a

No Storm Lasts Forever
No Storm Lasts Forever

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