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Contributor Grant Virtue


Grant Virtue
Grant Virtue

Grant Virtue is a fifth-generation metaphysician, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and medium. He has studied candle magic extensively for ten years. Grant has developed his intuitive, spiritual, and manifesting abilities naturally over the years in supportive and spiritually open-minded environments. He never really related as a child with the mainstream expectations of children, and by 15 was studying theology and computer programming at the same time as attending “regular” school.

Grant has a one-year-old daughter, Genaveve, and, while writing other books, is also focused on helping the new generations of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, teenagers, and young adults.

Grant and Melissa Virtue, a husband-and-wife team, offer a variety of tools and techniques to create and maintain a healthy relationship: meditations, writing exercises, affirmations, prayers, and more.



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