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Contributor Gretchen Schmelzer


Gretchen Schmelzer
Gretchen Schmelzer

GRETCHEN L. SCHMELZER PhD is a licensed psychologist, trained as a Harvard Medical School Fellow. She is a trauma survivor who has worked for 25 years with the complex issues of trauma, integration and behaviour change across every level, from individuals to groups to large systems and countries.



A woman and bright sky
How To Start The Process Of Healing From Trauma The very first step in healing from trauma is getting help. You can’t heal alone. Healing from trauma requires leaning your weight on the support of... Comments


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Journey through Trauma
Journey through Trauma

Gretchen Schmelzer watched too many people quit during treatment for trauma recovery. They found it too difficult or too frightening, or just decided that it was too late. But as a therapist and traum