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Heal Your Life
Heal Your Life



A woman with her arms aloft in celebration
3 Simple Things To Condition Yourself for Success Have you noticed that whenever you meet someone new the first question you will get asked is ‘what do you do’? Whether we like it or not this defines... Comments
A dreamcatcher
3 Secrets to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire We all do it. We wish, we dream, we hope. It’s a great part of our humanity to be able to imagine our life differently but, being human, only we can... Comments
A dandelion loses its petals in the breeze
3 Principles That Can Give You True Emotional Freedom Whether it’s getting angry at someone pushing in to the line at the store or getting teary-eyed while watching the evening news, it’s sometimes easy... Comments


Deep Breathing Calm Meditation with Denise Linn

This fast-paced, yet relaxing guided meditation is perfect for anyone with an active mind. You’ll be moved rapidly from quick thoughts to deep breathi


What Are You Really Eating?
What Are You Really Eating?

This is essential reading if you really care about what you consume!

The Good Skin Solution
The Good Skin Solution

Eczema is the most common skin disorder in the industrialized world, followed closely by psoriasis, rosacea and acne. However, conventional medicine still offers no permanent solution to these conditi