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Contributor Hollie Holden


Hollie Holden
Hollie Holden

Hollie Holden is a London-based blogger and artist, who describes herself as a "Mother, Writer, Soul Student, Love Advocate & Truth Lover". Connect with Hollie on Facebook here: 



A picturesque mountain scene
Never Give Up On Your Dreams - Life Loves You When I was sorting through a load of papers recently, I found an essay I wrote at I'm guessing about thirteen years of age. It was a report from '... Comments


A Daughter's Message to Her Dad: Happy Father's Day

Wayne Dyer reads a heartfelt letter written to him from his daughter Serena.


How Long Is Now?
How Long Is Now?

Tim shares his own amazing journey to the ecstasy of oneness and the bliss of big love, inviting you to explore the real world of meaning, miracles, and magic. He offers astonishing insights and power

Doors Opening
Doors Opening

The principles taught here transcend the issue of AIDS! They speak to the need for healing in all of us. This video is not just about AIDS. It is a bringing together-a balancing of body, mind and spir