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Contributor Hollie Holden


Hollie Holden
Hollie Holden

Hollie Holden is a London-based blogger and artist, who describes herself as a "Mother, Writer, Soul Student, Love Advocate & Truth Lover". Connect with Hollie on Facebook here: 



A picturesque mountain scene
Never Give Up On Your Dreams - Life Loves You When I was sorting through a load of papers recently, I found an essay I wrote at I'm guessing about thirteen years of age. It was a report from '... Comments


Shadow Dreaming with Charlie Morley

How does shadow work relate to dream work? Charlie Morley explores the theme in this video.


The Power Of Attention
The Power Of Attention

What has your attention right now? Did you know that your freely given attention is the most powerful expression of love? When you’re in command of your attention, you are attuned to the field of

Deep Truth
Deep Truth

A new world is emerging before our eyes, while the unsustainable world of the past struggles to continue. Both worlds reflect the beliefs of our past. Both exist-but only for now. Which world do you c