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Contributor James Mullaney


James  Mullaney
James Mullaney

James Mullaney is an astronomy writer and speaker who has published nearly 1,000 articles and nine books on stargazing. Formerly Curator of the Buhl Planetarium & Institute of Popular Science, Director of the DuPont Planetarium, and staff astronomer at the Allegheny Observatory, Jim served as an editor for Sky & Telescope magazine and was a contributor to Carl Sagan’s acclaimed Cosmos PBS television series.



The Celebration Is On! The late visionary and writer Ray Bradbury often said that he came “to celebrate the universe,” which he did superbly using his lifelong love affair... Comments


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Celebrating the Universe!
Celebrating the Universe!

The very first work of its kind, Celebrating the Universe! is a tour of the wonders of the heavens, with a focus on the "soul" of the night sky. Astronomer and author James Mullaney has writ