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Contributor Jim Brickman


Jim  Brickman
Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman is one of America’s hottest new pop stars. His dazzling piano artistry and clever songwriting skills have led to sales of more than three million albums. Hits such as “Valentine” and “The Gift” have helped build his reputation as America’s most romantic songwriter.



I Love Vanilla! When I was in advertising , I was working on a commercial for a top burger chain that I can’t mention, because I don’t need any calls from their... Comments


Powerful Water Relaxation Meditation by davidji

Rain washes over you as fingers softly tap the piano keys during this powerful guided meditation with davidji. Water is the source of life and flows t


Love Notes
Love Notes

This book has a simple purpose - to reveal true stories of everyday people (and several famous ones) who have lived lives full of courage, adventure, challenge, and bravery.

Simple Things
Simple Things

Simple Things is a helpful, humorous, poignant step-by-step guide on ways to get out of the fast lane and savor life's true pleasures-from a vacation in your own neighborhood to holding a newborn baby