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Contributor John Briffa


John  Briffa
John Briffa
Dr. John Briffa is a prize-winning graduate of the University College of London School of Medicine. He lectures internationally to corporations, members of the public and health professionals, and is a regular guest on TV and radio.



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Meditation To Help You Make A Decision

Take inspired action with this informational segment on the Wholy Shift. You always have a transformational GPS tracking system available to you. It’s


Waist Disposal
Waist Disposal

A refreshing antidote to the bewildering mass of information on diet and fitness, Waist Disposal gives you all the tools you need to leave calorie counting and strict regimes behind, and get the body

The True You Diet
The True You Diet

Like no other diet book before, The True You Diet provides the knowledge and power needed to achieve lasting health, weight loss and well-being-not just now, but for the rest of your life!