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Contributor Judith Lukomski


Judith  Lukomski
Judith Lukomski
Judith Lukomski is a caring, gifted intuitive, crystal energy worker, teacher, author and speaker. She connects with the messengers of heaven and earth to channel the vast wisdom of universal knowledge.



salt lamp and other crystals
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Mary Queen of Angels by Doreen Virtue (Stories)

 Mary, Queen of Angels is a nondenominational book that follows in the successful vein of two of Doreen Virtue's previous works, The Healing Mira



There are people who can lift the spirits of a packed sports stadium with the radiant optimism of their personalities. What does it take to live your life so full of joy that you jump out of bed each

The Law of Attraction App
The Law of Attraction App

The Law of Attraction audio series by Esther and Jerry Hicks presents the powerful basics of the original Teachings of Abraham®.