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Contributor Lisa Lister


Lisa Lister
Lisa Lister

Lisa Lister is a writer and a menstrual, fertility and reproductive health practitioner. She is the founder of the SHE Flow system, which invites women to celebrate the fiercely feminine, sensual pleasure of being a woman through movement, massage, mysteries and magic. Lisa is dedicated to helping women crack their lady code, reconnect with their body wisdom and love their lady landscape.




Tarot cards on an altar
Manifesting a Man - How Witchcraft Can Lead To True Love Every word we speak is a spell. ‘Abracadabra’ is said by some to be Hebrew for ‘I create what I speak.’ (Not speaking Hebrew myself, I cannot confirm... Comments
Woman on beach with toile scarf
The Importance Of Reconnecting With Your Divine Feminine Wisdom Meet SHE within your beautiful, imperfectly messy you-ness rather than looking outside yourself for the answers and you will always, always, always... Comments


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Love Your Lady Landscape
Love Your Lady Landscape

Love Your Lady Landscape is a healing journey through the terrain of what it is to be a woman. When a woman isn't in alignment with her feminine essence, she may experience exhaustion and overwhe