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Contributor Laura Leigh Clarke


Laura Leigh Clarke
Laura Leigh Clarke

Laura Leigh Clarke is an unorthodox Business Coach, Recovering Quantum Physicist, Founder of ProsperityQM, Geek and a die-hard Doctor Who fan. She also helps people clear their money blocks and limiting beliefs so they can manifest the life and business they really want. Download Your Tool Kit for Making a Quantum Shift in Your Business, and watch your results explode!



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Wire Yourself For Wealth
Wire Yourself For Wealth

Each one of us has a Money Genius in our heads, whether it be a Lady Gaga, a Richard Branson, a Donald Trump or even a Warren Buffett. But unless you're making the kind of money you are happy with, yo

Wire Yourself for Wealth
Wire Yourself for Wealth

 In this book, you will learn with surgical precision how to create and attract wealth, by doing what people with money intuitively do. You will discover what your personal Money Genius type is,