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Contributor Linda Leaming


Linda  Leaming
Linda Leaming
Linda Leaming is a writer whose work has appeared in Ladies’ Home Journal, Mandala, Guardian UK, A Woman’s Asia (Travelers’ Tales), and many other publications. Eric Weiner included her in his bestseller, The Geography of Bliss. Originally from Nashville, she has an M.F.A. in fiction from the University of Arizona; and she regularly speaks about Bhutan at colleges, churches, seminars, and book groups. She is married to the renowned Bhutanese thanka painter, Phurba Namgay.



How You Can Be Happier Now In 5 Easy Steps
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4 Keys To Happiness Discovered In Bhutan
4 Keys To Happiness Discovered In Bhutan Editor's Note - Writer Linda Leaming traveled across Europe and Asia in the mid ’90s after college. Eventually, she made her way to Bhutan, a tiny... Comments
Let Go and Live! Bhutan’s charm is powerful. Like so many people who visit, I was already thinking of how I could get back. After two weeks in Bhutan, I traveled in... Comments


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A Field Guide To Happiness

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