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Contributor Lisa Garr


Lisa Garr
Lisa Garr

Lisa Garr is the host of The Aware Show radio program on KPFK-FM in Southern California. Since 1999, Lisa has interviewed over 1,500 best-selling authors and experts in the fields of health, healing, spirituality, and personal growth. She is considered an expert in the field of lifestyle and transformational media programming and is committed to providing messages that inspire positive growth and change. In addition to being a sought-after emcee, Lisa hosts her own TV show and popular online personal-development teleseminar series. Visit her website:



5 Ways To Heal Negative Self Talk
5 Ways To Heal Negative Self Talk Becoming Aware , my new book about my life and my work as host of the syndicated radio program, The Aware Show, shines a light on the power of... Comments


The Perfect Gene Diet by Pamela McDonald, N.P.

This comprehensive work by nurse practitioner Pamela McDonald reveals the latest breakthrough in health and nutrition focusing on the APO E gene, whic


Becoming Aware
Becoming Aware

Lisa Garr will share with you how to use  “brain-nastics” to help you repattern your brain for optimal function and create what you want by becoming a Conscious Catalyst for change.