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Contributor Lisa Williams


Lisa  Williams
Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams is an internationally acclaimed medium and clairvoyant who has an amazing ability to communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed on to the “other side.”Born in England, Williams was discovered by Merv Griffin and has her own hit show Lisa Williams, Life Among the Dead. The show is going into its second series on Lifetime TV. In addition to appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lisa is currently writing her first book to be published by Simon and Schuster. Lisa also performs in front of large audiences and is a trained reiki and crystal healer.



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Opening Your Awareness to the World Beyond
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Life Among the Dead
Life Among the Dead

Lisa Williams is one of the world's most accurate mediums. Taught by her grandmother both on this plane and in the afterlife, her extraordinary gift for communicating with Spirit and those that have p