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Contributor Marc Ryan L.AC


Marc Ryan L.AC
Marc Ryan L.AC

Marc Ryan, L.Ac. is a graduate of Cornell University and a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the State of California who practices functional medicine. After suffering from his own battle with Hashimoto’s and discovering an alternative approach to healing it, he decided to devote his life to doing everything he could to help others find hope, help, and healing. In the last four years he has spent thousands of hours researching, working with, and talking to over 1,000 Hashimoto's patients. 



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Hashimoto’s Healing Diet
Hashimoto’s Healing Diet

If you’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, it can be hard to know where to start with your diet. There are so many different cookbooks and recommendations, and few provide different options for differ

How To Heal Hashimoto's
How To Heal Hashimoto's

Here’s the simple truth about Hashimoto’s: It’s way more than a thyroid problem. And even though it’s an autoimmune disease, it’s also way more than an immune system problem. Over time, it progressive