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Contributor Martin and Marian Shirran


Martin and Marian  Shirran
Martin and Marian Shirran
Martin and Marion Shirran are both trained hypnotherapists and own and run the Elite Clinics in Spain, where they use a combination of therapies to successfully treat a wide range of problems.



A sparrow
Have You Ever Seen a Fat Sparrow? Giraffes, sparrows, squirrels – and virtually any other wild animal you care to name – eat when they’re hungry, until they’re satisfied, and then... Comments
Pause, Please! In our book Pause Button Therapy (PBT) , we share countless stories of how, by pressing the pause button on their lives, PBT users have made a real... Comments
Just Press Pause When you’re sittin g in your living room or den, zapping at the TV or music system or DVD to change channel, switch track, flick back up to a... Comments


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Pause Button Therapy
Pause Button Therapy

Pause Button Therapy® is a proven, innovative and interactive new therapy technique that allows you to do exactly this, empowering you to break out of negative habits and unconscious responses. Fo

The Gastric Mind Band®
The Gastric Mind Band®

Gastric Mind Band therapy provides the answer to understanding and overturning your weight loss woes. No guilt, rules, or rigid calorie counting, and nothing banned. Just re-establishing a normal rela