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Contributor Matteo Pistono


Matteo Pistono
Matteo Pistono

Matteo Pistono is a writer, photographer, practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, and author of In the Shadow of the Buddha. Pistono’s images and writings about Tibetan and Himalayan cultural, political, and spiritual landscapes have appeared in the Washington Post, BBC’s In-Pictures, Men’s Journal, Kyoto Journal, and HIMAL South Asia.



Fearless in Tibet—The Life of a Holy Man
Fearless in Tibet—The Life of a Holy Man The following is an excerpt from Matteo Pistono's novel, Fearless in Tibet . SHIWA VILLAGE, NYARONG, EASTERN TIBET Year of the Fire Dragon to the... Comments


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Fearless in Tibet
Fearless in Tibet

Combining riveting storytelling with Tertön Sogyal's profound spiritual instructions, Fearless in Tibet will infuse the reader's spiritual path with wisdom and inspiration, as if the mystical yogi him