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Contributor Meg Galvin


Meg  Galvin
Meg Galvin
At, Meg Galvin develops healthy recipes, tests member-submitted dishes, and teaches the fundamentals of cooking through informative and entertaining videos and articles. A World Master Chef since 2005, Chef Meg was the host of the regional television show The Dish, which aired on a local CBS affiliate and online. Meg now hosts cooking videos on the local FOX affiliate.



First Meal, Best Meal In our house , we have three growing, active teen boys, a husband who is trying to lower his cholesterol, and a mom who has added strength training... Comments
cute little girl setting the table
Can Your Kid Be the Next Celebrity Chef? With all the talk of how we should help kids stay healthy, my mind keeps returning to the same thought: Teach them to cook! In my home, the kitchen... Comments
Why Eat Like Goldilocks? Molière told us we should eat to live, but most of us live to eat—grabbing unhealthy foods on the run, munching mindlessly when we’re stressed out,... Comments


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The Sparkpeople Cookbook
The Sparkpeople Cookbook

This practical yet inspirational guide, which is based on the same easy, real-world principles as the SparkPeople program, takes the guesswork out of making delicious, healthy meals and losing weight-