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Contributor Mo Faul


Mo Faul
Mo Faul

Mo Faul, author of Are You Living IT? 5 Secrets to Living your MOST LIFE and producer of the film Dream, Girl, is a 25 year, healthcare executive turned career and life coach and the creator of the Career Breakthrough Coaching Program where she works with clients – privately and in groups – to help them align who they are with what they do. After a career working as a cardiac nurse, Mo spent over 20 years as a healthcare executive in a variety of different leadership roles. It was through this career journey that she discovered a love of mentoring and coaching. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, she decided it was time to take all of her education, training and expertise out for a spin and open her own coaching company. Today she coaches, teaches and speaks all over the country about how to turn tragedy into triumph and bring the kick ass back to your life. You can visit her online at and also follow her on Twitter @CoachMoFaul and on Facebook at



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