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Contributor Neale Donald Walsch


Neale Donald Walsch
Neale Donald Walsch
In addition to authoring the renowned With God series, Neale Donald Walsch has published 12 other works, as well as a number of video and audio programs. Available throughout the world, each of the Conversations With God books has made the New York Times Bestseller list, Conversations with God-Book 1 occupying that list for over two and half years.



Seven Questions That Could Change The World The following inquiries, made in the depth of our own soul, and used by us to invite others into their own soul searching, could change the world... Comments
Reinvent Yourself! Many people have heard of Barbara Marx Hubbard—and many people have not. I like the fact that she is not a household name, immediately recognizable... Comments
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Hayhouse The Only Thing That Matters by Neale Donald Walsch Something very unusual is occurring on this planet right now. You have no doubt noticed i


The Mother of Invention
The Mother of Invention

A biography unlike any other, The Mother of Invention tells the story of every human being now on the earth . . . through the telling of the life story of futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Introducing Neale Donald Walsch – God’s Latest Scribe?
Introducing Neale Donald Walsch – God’s Latest Scribe?

It was a dark night of the soul. The end of the line. Neale Donald Walsch had hit rock-bottom. He had a broken neck and was destitute, yet he clawed his way with grim, dumpster-diving determination ba