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Contributor Robert Reeves


Robert  Reeves
Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves is a fully accredited naturopath with a special interest in mental and emotional health. Blending his herbal-medicine training with his psychic abilities, Robert gives self-help workshops, writes magazine articles, and runs a successful natural-therapies clinic in Australia.



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The Core Balance Diet - La Dieta del Equilibrio Esencial
The Core Balance Diet - La Dieta del Equilibrio Esencial

From the co-founder of Women to Women, one of the first clinics in the country devoted to providing health care for women by women, comes a whole new way to look at weight loss: The Core Balance Diet.

The Full Diet
The Full Diet

In The Full Diet, weight-loss doctor Michael Snyder offers an insider's perspective on shedding pounds, teaching you to reject the traditional diet mentality that thrives on restrictions, deprivations