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Contributor Russ Whitney


Russ  Whitney
Russ Whitney

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and best-selling author Russ Whitney is a recognized worldwide leader in the business, real-estate investment, and financial training fields. His books include Building Wealth (Simon & Schuster), The Millionaire Real Estate Mentor (Dearborn), and The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset (Doubleday). His latest book, Inner Voice: Unlock Your Passion and Purpose, offers a unique blueprint for personal and spiritual development that was developed from his own personal search for the true meaning of life.



Which of The 4 Stages of Life Are You In?
Which of The 4 Stages of Life Are You In? In my book Inner Voice : Unlock Your Purpose and Passion , I outline the principles and strategies I developed to help you identify your true life... Comments
Being “In the Game” In my search for the meaning of life , I’ve come to understand that life is essentially a game, a game that consists of a daily search for the truth... Comments


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Inner Voice
Inner Voice

Learn how to surrender and find solid answers and peace with what you can't control and master the immutable law of powerlessness.