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Contributor Sandra Anne Taylor


Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra Anne Taylor is the New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Success, Truth, Triumph and Transformation, and Secrets of Attraction. Sandra is known for her inspiring processes and life changing techniques incorporating consciousness, karma, and energy in personal transformation. The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives is her most recent of six titles available in 26 languages across the globe. Sandra can be heard on Mondays on Hay House Radio.



A mystical tome with light emmanating from within
How To Find Your Purpose In The Akashic Records All of the information you will ever need – regarding yourself or anything else – is available to you. Your purpose, your goals, your very next step... Comments
An ancient book and a key
How To Find Love and Prosperity In The Akashic Records What do quantum physics, inspiration and discovery, your present circumstances, and your future destiny all have in common? All this—and so much more... Comments
Are You Blocking Your Energetic Pipeline?
Are You Blocking Your Energetic Pipeline? Since relaxation and peace open the door to the many wonderful powers of Spirit, it stands to reason that conflict and disquiet will shut it. In fact... Comments


Hayhouse The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor

In this enlightening and truly liberating book, New York Times best-selling author Sandra Anne Taylor explores the energy of karma and reincarnation,


The Akashic Records
The Akashic Records

An introductory guide to the fascinating Akashic Records and how to use this powerful source of information for change, manifestation, healing and fulfilment.  

Secrets of Attraction Bundle
Secrets of Attraction Bundle

Save 56% when you purchase this exclusive Sandra Anne Taylor bundle which includes her best-selling books, Secrets of Attraction and 28 Days to a More Magnetic Life plus a two-hour On Demand Workshop