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Contributor Sandy C. Newbigging


Sandy C. Newbigging
Sandy C. Newbigging

Sandy Newbigging is the creator and award-winning trainer of Mind Calm Meditation and the Mind Detox Method and the bestselling author of Thunk! and Heal the Hidden Cause. Sandy trains practitioners in his methods via his academy and has been featured in numerous television shows internationally.



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3 Principles That Can Give You True Emotional Freedom - Sandy Newbigging

In this video bestselling author and meditation teacher Sandy Newbigging shares three principles which, once grasped, will help to give you the life y


Body Calm Meditations
Body Calm Meditations

BODY CALM is a powerful way to meditate that uses the mind-body connection to help your body heal and stay healthy. Learn to disengage from everyday stresses and relax fully to increase energy levels