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Contributor Seka Nikolic


Seka  Nikolic
Seka Nikolic
Seka Nikolic is a Bio-energy practitioner who is celebrated all over the world for her exceptional powers. Widely referred by doctors, GPs and specialists, she is able to accurately diagnose and treat a huge range of ailments. Seka's healing abilities were evaluated by the scientific Institute for Bio-Energy Research in Milan and her success rate is phenomenal.



Are You a Healer? As a Bio Energy practitioner for over 25 years now, I can look back over my experiences and talk confidently about Bio-energy and the healing gift... Comments


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You Can Heal Yourself
You Can Heal Yourself

Completely updated and revised to include Seka's latest discoveries and most recent examples of her success in healing, self-healing process becomes effortless with Seka's proven plan to balance your

You Can Heal Yourself
You Can Heal Yourself

You Can Heal Yourself is the incredible story of how Seka discovered her powers and how you can harness them in your own life.