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Contributor Steve Taylor


Steve  Taylor
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor is an author and teacher whose main interests are spirituality and psychology.



Meditation at a temple in Bali
Seven Myths About Spiritual Awakening One of the aims of my book The Leap is to clarify exactly what it means to be spiritually awakened. Through my years of research into spiritual... Comments
The Power of Presence When I knew that I was going to take part in a dialogue with Eckhart Tolle, I wondered if I might be slightly nervous. But when I found myself on... Comments
Mountain summit view
Out of the Darkness Writing my recent book Out of the Darkness has taught me a lot. On the one hand it’s made me realize how common the phenomenon of enlightenment... Comments


The Myths of Spirituality

What does it mean to be spiritually awakened? What are the main aspects of spiritual awakening and how can we cultivate them?


Back to Sanity: Recovering from “Humania” and Finding Inner Peace
Back to Sanity: Recovering from “Humania” and Finding Inner Peace

Steve suggests that all humans suffer from “humania,” a sense of inner restlessness and an inability to live in the present moment. He says that in order to fully experience “harmony

Waking From Sleep
Waking From Sleep

In this astounding book, Steve Taylor suggests that our normal consciousness is really a kind of “sleep” from which we sometimes “wake up” into a more intense and complete reality. He provides what is