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Contributor Susan Bernstein


Susan  Bernstein
Susan Bernstein
Prior to founding Work from Within, Dr. Susan Bernstein spent fifteen years working in marketing, management consulting, and executive development roles for companies like Franklin-Covey, Accenture, and Intel.. Since 2001 she has helped thousands of working professionals and organizations to successfully navigate the working world for more success and fulfillment. Susan's goal is to help you maximize your ROLE, Return on Life Energy TM in all areas of your life.



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Take the “Un” out of Unemployment I love meeting new people , even if it makes me a little nervous. But one set of words that I hear at mixers and networking events makes me really... Comments
Are You a Mover and a Shaker? Last spring , I posted a video on You Tube as part of a contest sponsored by Hay House. This publishing house founded by Louise Hay offers a workshop... Comments


The Myths of Spirituality

What does it mean to be spiritually awakened? What are the main aspects of spiritual awakening and how can we cultivate them?


The Power of Joy
The Power of Joy

Life is meant to be joyous! We are pleasure-seeking creatures by nature. Joy makes you younger, smarter, more intuitive, and healthier . . . with better hormonal balance and immune-system functioning.

Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body!
Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body!

All your history and negative programming is lodged in the cells of your body. Using this 28-day jump-start health program—based on Denise’s original Soul Coaching® Program—you&r