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Contributor Tara Taylor


Tara  Taylor
Tara Taylor
Tara Taylor is an internationally known intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker. She is president and CEO of Whitelight Wellness and co-founder of the Just Say Yes seminars. Tara counsels people of all ages and guides professional intuitives and children with clairvoyant gifts as well as friends and family who need help understanding these special children.



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Becoming Indigo
Becoming Indigo

High school is finally over, and Indigo Russell is living with two of her best friends in the Glebe, an artsy, bohemian area in downtown Ottawa. It's summertime, which means humid, restless nights. Th

Through Indigo's Eyes
Through Indigo's Eyes

Indigo Russell is a student at Ridgemont High School, in Ottawa, Canada. Ever since she can remember, she can see and hear things... before they happen. Oh, and she can talk to the dead. Pretty cool,