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Contributor Zena Cooper


Zena Cooper
Zena Cooper

Zena Cooper is a qualified integrative counsellor, a practising metaphysician and metaphysical counsellor working with school children and people of all ages in her private practice.



A green shoot
Discovering the Beauty in Adversity It’s sometimes in the darkest of places that true beauty is found. Adversity makes you look in places that you never knew existed. This untouched... Comments


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Ecstasy is Necessary
Ecstasy is Necessary

From Barbara Carrellas, sex expert and author of the best-selling book Urban Tantra, comes Ecstasy is Necessary. Ecstasy introduces you to your deepest, most authentic self, while simultaneously offer

Look Great Naturally...Without Ditching the Lipstick
Look Great Naturally...Without Ditching the Lipstick

You'll be amazed how easy and fun it can be to make those small changes that add up to make such a big difference.