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Barbara Brennan's Four Dimensions Explained

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Barbara Brennan's Four Dimensions Explained

How To Deeply Connect to Your Intentionality
Lisa VanOstrand
Lisa VanOstrand More by this author
Feb 13, 2018 at 11:45 AM

The Four Dimensions

Barbara Brennan sees humanity as existing in four dimensions.  These four dimensions are on a spectrum from the part of us that is one with the divine to the part of us that is a human being living on earth.  Because we mirror the creative process of the divine, anything we create flows through these four dimensions as well: beginning with the divine and ending with physical reality.  Core star is where our creative process originates; this is the dimension that represents our oneness with the divine and our source of inspiration.  The core star dimension also represents our own individual unique qualities of the divine.  At the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, we call these core qualities.  We want our individual core qualities to shine and be expressed in all that we create.

From the core star dimension, the creative process upwells into the haric dimension, which is the level of intention. Everything we create in life rests on the foundation of our intentionality.  Intentionality manifests either positively or negatively as we journey though life.  When we are aligned with our hara, we experience a certain level of ease and flow whether we are  experiencing our day-to-day creations or our greater purpose in life and the fulfillment of our destiny.   

More on the Haric Dimension

The haric dimension provides the foundation of our auric field, which is the dimension of our personality.  Our personality, when freed from blockages, is the perfect balance of reason, will and emotion that helps manifest our desires and longings into physical reality.  The last dimension is the physical dimension. 

Visual representation of these four dimensions


The hara, because it is the foundation for the personality, is what centers us and allows us to return to a place of balance between reason, will and emotion.   Whenever any of the qualities are out of balance, it most surely affects our creations as we overcompensate in one area and undercompensate in another.  For example, a person whose hara line is off center and to the back operates more from a place of will and may find themselves disconnected from their heart and the more feeling aspect of themselves.  This could result in a creation that doesn’t bring any real joy or pleasure.  Or a person whose hara line is too far forward, may find their feelings too strongly get in the way of creating and lack the will to accomplish what they desire. 

When our hara is aligned, it allows us as human beings to truly be a mediator between heaven and earth.   It connects our will to our heart and allows us from the highest perspective to manifest our destiny in this lifetime. 

In Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan says “Anywhere in our lives—including health and healing—where we have trouble creating what we want, is where we have mixed intentions or crossed purposes. To create what we want, then, it is essential to be able to find what our mixed intentions are and sort them out. We must clarify our true intentions so we can realign the ones that are not in keeping with what we truly want. What we trulywant is always aligned with our highest spiritual longings.

When our personal wants and desires are aligned with our spiritual longing or higher desires, our purposes are aligned and the creative principle in the universe can function unhindered. By fulfilling our spiritual desires, we are led step by step to fulfill our life's greater spiritual purpose, our life task.”

Points along the Hara Line

At the Barbara Brennan School of Healing,  we experience the hara as a golden laser line of light running through the center of our being connecting us to heaven and earth.  

Hara line of a healthy person.

In addition to the hara line itself, there are 3 major points that we will now look at: the tan tien, the soul seat and the ID point. 

In order to have clear intentions we must be connected to the earth so that we are grounded and focused.  The point on the hara line that connects us to the earth is called the tan tien and is located about two inches below your navel. The tan tien maintains a strong connection to the will as this is the area where martial artists find their source of power. 

We hold our longings for this life in a point along the hara line called the soul seat.  The soul seat is the high heart and is above the 4th chakra on the upper chest.  The light of the soul seat carries the longing that leads you through life to accomplish your soul's purpose in this incarnation.

Barbara Brennan in her newly published book, Core Light Healing, says,  

“As the creative force moves into your hara dimension, it ignites your magnificent longing in your soul seat. Some may call it your magnificent obsession. What that is for you may not yet be clear to you. What do you yearn for? What life do you want to live? Remove any personal taboos you have about it. At least allow yourself the fantasy. Let the fantasy develop into a mature vision of what it is. Let yourself long for it. Begin your creation; it is what you took birth for. Practice feeling it, seeing it, knowing its details, and then let it grow.”

The hara line originates in a point that is three and a half feet above the head, which is called the individuation point, or ID point. It looks like a very small funnel with the larger end pointing down over the head.  The ID point represents our individuation from out of the core star dimension into this incarnation. From the ID point as one moves into the haric dimension  from an incarnational perspective, we carry specific longing and purpose for this lifetime. 

Connecting to Our Source Meditation

The following meditation helps connect us to our true purpose; it is based on the hara line and the points along it.  Although we are using the word “feel” in the meditation to sense the hara line and the points, use any sensory perception with which you feel comfortable. 

Light a candle and take a moment to connect to the flame. Feel the sensory aspects of the flame: the light, the warmth. The flame symbolizes the connection to the light, our light. This could be the light of our higher self or the light of a spiritual connection we feel close to. The flame is also a representation of our own spiritual transformation of the darkness into the light.

First feel your entire hara line as a golden laser line of light, through the center of your body, extending deep into the core of the earth, and high up into the heavens. 

Now feel the first point, the tan tien, as a warm golden-red sphere of energy.

Feel your abdomen expand and contract as you breathe deeply in and out of the tan tien.  After several moments of feeling the golden-red energy of the tan tien, reinforce the hara’s golden laser line of light connecting the tan tien with the molten core of the earth. For several minutes, feel the strong groundedness, the will and power that resonates with the tan tien, and your connection to the earth.  Stay here longer if you feel you need more grounding and more will. 

Now feel the line of golden laser light extend up from core of the earth through the tan tien and to the soul seat.  Feel the soul seat as a sphere of diffuse light, like the purple-blue light of a candle. This light carries the longing that leads you to fulfill your destiny.  Feel your chest rise as you breathe deeply into the soul seat.  Feel the soul seat expand in all directions. Feel the peace and harmony that resonates with the high heart energy and your longings. Feel the longing for what you wish to create.  Also feel the peace and harmony that comes when you can feel complete with how things are in this moment.  Trust that in this moment, when your hara is aligned that everything is unfolding as it should, there is nothing else to do and no one else to be except yourself.  Stay here for several minutes.  Stay at this point longer if you feel you need a deeper connection to the energy of your soul seat and high heart. 

Now feel the golden laser line of the hara extend up from the soul seat through the head and flow up to the ID point.  Allow your awareness to extend pass the ID point; feel the connection between this life and a consciousness bigger than yourself. This larger aspect of yourself can come from a feeling of a connection to a spiritual tradition that you follow or your own higher self. This connection represents your bigger self, the part of you that is more than this physical body and the part of you can that can feel one with all things.  As you feel this, reaffirm the connection to your spiritual tradition or your own higher self. Feel this connection sending you love and light for a few minutes.  Stay here longer if you need to feel more spiritual guidance. 

End this practicing by sitting for another few minutes feeling the alignment of the entire hara line as a golden laser line of light, fully centered in your body.    


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