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Be Good to Yourself

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Be Good to Yourself

You are a gift to the world.
Dennis  Fairchild
Dennis Fairchild More by this author
Nov 06, 2011 at 09:00 AM

It’s said that November’s beauty radiates from within like a woman who has found her authenticity. For many, it's a cold hands/ warm heart month. Outside the temperatures drop as colorful leaves fall slowly from the trees. Chilly November is filled with crisp blustery days, and peppered with long evenings of savory hot meals topped off by spirited conversation.

Take time to satisfy your hunger for inner peace now.

The Kitchen Tarot, when gently blended with numerology and a pinch of joy, provides nourishing food-for-thought about your home and loved ones. From numerology, November brings to the table the energies of number Six as the main course— November being the eleventh month, when added to the year 2011 becomes 1+1+2+0+1+1, and equals 6— heralding a time for exploring and improving personal relationships, confidently letting others see you as you truly are, and invoking the courage to act upon your highest priorities. Be hungrier for meaning than for any specific outcome now, and offer grace for the bounty of goodness.

Don't put undue emphasis on what's not working, or spend time lost in regret about not getting what you want. Like the classic Lovers tarot card of desire, partnership, and wise decision-making, the Kitchen Tarot's card Six — aka Cream and Sugar— is also about moral responsibility and integrity.

Card Six, corresponding with the sign Gemini, makes November a time for intimate and authentic communication. Take an honest look at how good you are to yourself. Joyfully acknowledge the value of everything you oppose, disagree with, and fight against. Give thanks, and speak wisely— and refrain from eating your own words.

Late November through mid-December sets the table for a retrograde Mercury silly-season— not the best weeks for buying holiday gifts, so be sure to hang onto receipts. Add a shot of radiance, luminosity, and fervor to your thoughts, words, and actions at this time.

This month, Cream and Sugar grants you a temporary exemption from acting and feeling like your same old self. Make your way back to a dream you wandered away from prematurely, and either re-commit yourself to it, or put it to rest for good. Every day, you're given a gift of 86,400 seconds— use a few of them to say thank you, and be nice to yourself.

Don't feel guilty about your blessings. Blow sugar kisses to friends and foes, and realize how much power you have to change anything you want to change and start doing it. Card Six's Feng Shui suggestion is to invite Divine Order into your bedroom closet. Recycle the unwanted and outgrown. Cream and Sugar brings heaven down to earth and encourages you to make the smallest details of your life reflect your highest ideals.

Whet your appetite with simple pleasures, and treat yourself to a nourishing cup of kindness. Would you like one lump, or two?

Cream and Sugar's November Affirmation: I am overcoming my incompatibilities. My first and last love is self-love.

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