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Be Happy, Healthy, and Free!

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Be Happy, Healthy, and Free!

Let your body show you how to heal.
Barbara  Wren
Barbara Wren More by this author
Sep 08, 2010 at 10:00 AM

We live in an amazing universe made up of vibrating energy that is forever changing and expanding. Nothing remains the same; the only constant is change. Anything within the universe that tries to resist this change will create stress and friction. On a human level we know that when stress and friction exist between two individuals, there is likely to be conflict and dis-ease. Likewise, when stress and friction exist between us and the universal energies, internal conflict and dis-ease are inevitable.

We were designed to stand on the leading edge of reality, to dare to dream new and wonderful dreams and to hold within us the power to make those dreams reality. Our thoughts and dreams are vibrations that we continually send out into the universe and these vibrations will either resonate or be out of phase with the unfolding energies of the universe. Because the universe is forever expanding, any thought or dream that is expansive will naturally resonate in harmony with all that is. Similarly, any thought that is contractive will be out of phase and cause friction and stress. Simply put, if you want to be happy, healthy and free, all you need to do is think and dream only about things that make you feel good.

Our emotions are the language we use to communicate with the universe and the universe always mirrors back to us whatever we express. If we think predominantly negative and fearful thoughts, the reality that is mirrored back to us is one of stress and fear. If we think predominantly positive, happy thoughts, our reality becomes one of peace, joy and beauty. What you experience in the world is always a reflection of how you feel. So if you are suffering in any way from dis-ease, whether it is a general dissatisfaction with life or a life-threatening illness, the guide on your path back to balance is your emotions. If you seek thoughts, feelings and experiences that consistently make you feel better, you will find a quality of life beyond your dreams.

The key lies in consistency. There are many things in life that give the illusion of making us feel better, such as a bar of chocolate or a drug, but if you really want to feel better you must look within. If you can understand how layers of toxicity have, over time, taken you further away from who you really are, you will have understood the fundamental root of all dis-ease. The human body never ceases to thrill me with its wonderful integrity and design. It is a vehicle that was perfectly designed to transport us in this physical reality on a magical adventure of pure expansion. It was built to self-repair and to always be able to return, given the right circumstances, to a place of balance and harmony.

The body has many windows into its innermost workings for those able to see through them. The eyes are often referred to as ‘the windows to the soul’, but to an iridologist they are also a window into the innermost workings of every part of the body. A traditional Chinese acupuncturist will use windows provided through the pulse, tongue and face to see where there is an interruption in the free flow of energy around the body. All traditional medicine men and women throughout the world know about these windows and indeed so does every human being on this planet, even if they are not aware of it. If you go into partnership with your body and begin to work with it rather than against it, you will be rewarded with access to these windows. Your body wants to show you how to bring it back into balance and harmony and your intuition and feelings are the key. You do not need to become an expert in medicine, ancient or modern, to become whole. You only need to become an expert in who you really are.

Every one of us knows on some level that we were born to be happy, but that happiness can only be realized when we dance in harmony with creation. Peace is the experience of balance and harmony and comes to us only when we all vibrate together. We know that when we are in a peaceful, loving state, it is absolutely amazing. There is a harmony of vibration, the resonances completely matching. This is the energy created between mother and baby after the moment of birth. The mother looks lovingly at her own creation and sees pure love mirrored back to her. One of the most thrilling experiences we can have is to be witness to the birth of new life, for it reminds us of the wonder and beauty of who we really are. We were each born to be the deliberate creators of our own reality and to make that reality one of fun, laughter, joy and beauty. We are expansive beings and co-creators of an expanding universe. How we feel is our simple but powerful guide to what we are calling into our reality. When we are vibrating in harmony with the universe, we feel at one and this allows for expansion. When we are pushing against the universe, life becomes difficult and challenging. The time has come to stop struggling and striving for happiness and to just allow ourselves to flow easily into it.

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