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Be Receptive to Heaven

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Be Receptive to Heaven

Have you seen an angel?
Doreen Virtue
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Dec 12, 2011 at 09:00 AM

Thank You, God, for sending angels to protect, guide, and love us all. — Doreen Virtue

We all have angel encounters continually, but many of us aren’t aware of these occurrences. They can be subtle, that’s for sure. We’ll explore how to bring your heavenly connections to the level of conscious awareness. When you’re aware of the presence of your angels and deceased loved ones, you’ll enjoy being with them, and you’ll benefit from them more.

Most people have some ambivalence about contacting heavenly beings. On the one hand, they desperately want to see an angel or departed loved one. But they also fear seeing a frightening image. “Will I be opening myself up to seeing dark beings? Or will my deceased loved one look ghoulish?” These are natural concerns, as people worry about losing control, or being frightened out of their wits.

One of my wishes is that the stories related in Saved by an Angel will boost your confidence that heavenly encounters are positive, happy experiences. Know that you won’t see upsetting images when your angels and deceased loved ones pay you a visit.

While it’s true that there are “unsavory” beings in heaven, they are a slim minority compared to all the magnificent angels and guides constantly flitting around us on the etheric plane.

One of the greatest angels of all, Archangel Michael, can prevent you from having a frightening encounter. All you need to do is mentally say to him:

“Archangel Michael, please escort away from me anyone who is not my angel, guide, or a being who expresses God’s Divine light.”

Michael needs to receive this sort of explicit request because God’s Law of Free Will prevents him from helping us unless we ask.

Archangel Michael is able to be with everyone simultaneously who calls upon him, and there are no time or space restraints. So it’s a good idea to ask him to stay permanently stationed by your side. Ask him to screen the beings in your life—both the physical and the spiritual ones—so that only benevolent entities surround you. Once you’ve asked Michael for help, you can relax. This request is always granted for everyone, regardless of lifestyle, religion, or character. So don’t worry that your requests might be denied. They can’t be!

Another issue that prevents people from seeing their angels and deceased loved ones is the fear of failure. This fear often makes people push and strain to have an angel encounter. They try to force it to happen, which blocks the experience completely. The sad irony is that the people who love angels the most are often the ones who have the hardest time seeing them!

At almost every one of my workshops, I see the following scenario played out: An angel-loving woman will arrive, accompanied by her loyal husband. She’s dressed in an angel sweatshirt, angel earrings, and an angel necklace. He really could care less about angels but is just coming to the workshop to please his wife.

Then the workshop begins, and before lunchtime, I’ve guided the audience through an exercise that helps them see angels. The husband is seeing angels and deceased loved ones, and he says to his wife, “Wow, honey, this is amazing! Thanks for bringing me to this conference.” She, meanwhile, has had no success at seeing any heavenly beings, and she snaps at him, “How come you’re seeing angels? You don’t even like them!”

Her frustration stems from her underlying belief that since she’s a member of the angel “fan club,” she’s entitled to insider privileges. But the angels are equally devoted to all of us, even to nonbelievers and newcomers. Her main block has to do with the fact that she desperately wants to see angels, so she’s trying too hard to make it happen. Her husband, who has a nonchalant attitude about heaven, is relaxed and more open to the experience.. The fear that causes us to force things to happen comes from feeling alone, and the belief that “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” However, our angel encounters are derived from the power of God, the angels, ascended masters, and our deceased loved ones. A teamwork approach to angel encounters works best.

In addition to calling upon Archangel Michael, here are two other ways to diminish or eliminate fear blocks:

  1. The freezer method. Write your fears on a piece of paper. You can either include an elaborate description of your fears, or just a general “fear of being psychic” sentence. Then, put the paper into your refrigerator’s freezer compartment. If you live with skeptics, it’s best to put the paper in the back of the freezer, where it will be unnoticed, or freeze it in a small container of water. Leave the paper in the freezer for a minimum of three months. This method also works well with anything in your life that you’d like to release, including problems with relationships, addictions, or money issues.
  2. The dream method. The angels do some of their best work while we’re sleeping. Why? Because our fears are asleep at that time, so we’re more open to angelic assistance. Before you go to sleep at night, mentally ask Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael (who’s in charge of physical healings), and Archangel Uriel (whose area is emotional and psychological healings) to enter your dreams. Mentally say to them:
     “Please enter my dream, my body, my mind, and my heart; and clear away any fears or unforgiveness that could be blocking me from having a conscious angel encounter.”

The angels have a phrase that they love to repeat: “Your intentions create your experiences.” This means that our underlying expectations steer us toward the type of experiences we have as a result. If we hold positive expectations about our angel encounters, we’ll have positive results.

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