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Be Unreasonable!

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Be Unreasonable!

Can you ever be happy just because?
Robert Holden Ph.D.
Robert Holden Ph.D. More by this author
Jul 04, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Here is a thought that is eccentric and divine, and that one day might save your life: happiness needs no reason!

Shortly after my book Laughter the Best Medicine was published, I did an interview with local DJ Gordon Astley for BBC Radio. I knew Gordon very well. For two years I did a “Stress Busters Phone-in” on his popular morning show. Together we agreed that instead of a normal interview, we would try an experiment—“The Unreasonable Happiness Experiment.”

At 10:59 a.m., Gordon told his listeners, “After the news I will prove to you it is possible to be happy for no reason at all. Stay tuned!” He then switched to the news desk. When Gordon came back on air he began, “They say it’s the best medicine…” He then paused for one, two, three seconds before, completely unannounced, he ran a tape of the most blissful belly laughter you have ever heard.

The tape was of a man laughing solo for 45 seconds. It began softly with gentle chuckles, expanded into hearty chortles, and climaxed on a crescendo of uncontrollable guffawing. It was totally infectious. Hear it for yourself. Gordon, myself, his producer, and the weather girl laughed “unreasonably.” It was a moment of pure joy. But it didn’t stop there.

For the next hour, the phone lines were jammed with callers expressing thanks for “The Unreasonable Happiness Experiment.” We received calls from everyone, including a teacher, a doctor, a florist, a bank manager, and even a clown. “Happiness needs no reason,” said one caller. “I have always said, ‘Happiness is in the heart,’” said another. “Happiness is free, and a good laugh costs nothing,” said another. “Thanks for reminding me to laugh,” said another.

The final call was from a woman who sounded depressed and lonely. “Do you really believe in unreasonable happiness, Robert?” I told her that most days I remember happiness needs no reason, love needs no reason, and kindness needs no reason, but I also have days when I forget, too. The woman then said, “I am having one of those days today. I just couldn’t see a reason to be happy. But now I’m thinking maybe I don’t need a reason.”

The highest truth is, you do not need a reason to be happy. Your ego will disagree with this, however, because ego uses “reasons” as its chief currency for being, doing, and giving. Everything must have a reason according to the ego, i.e., “I will be happy if…” and “I will be happy when…” and “I will be kind if …” and “I will love you when….”

Unreasonable happiness is natural to infants who smile for no reason, laugh for fun, and play for play’s sake. Unreasonable happiness is also natural to your Unconditioned Self. True happiness needs no reason, no special equipment, no money, no perfect moment, no permission, no justification, and no ideal circumstance. Being happy is about folding back into something already innate in you.

Can you still do it? Do you ever kick back and let yourself laugh for no reason? Do you ever smile the unreasonable smile? Do you ever let yourself be surprised by joy? Are you ever unashamedly spontaneous? Do you still love unconditionally without reason, expectation, or demand? Can you ever be happy just because? Try it!

Be still for a moment and meditate on unreasonable joy. See if you can let your innate joy bubble up for no good reason. Dial direct to your Unconditioned Self, and surrender to the thought of unreasonable joy—no striving, no earning, no deserving, no reason necessary. Reasons, conditions, and rules are really covert resistance to joy, innocence, and being unconditional again.

Experiment today with being more unreasonable than usual. Remind yourself how easy it can be to choose joy, choose love, and choose kindness. Here are some suggestions to start you off:

  • Be unreasonably kind to yourself today.
  • Kiss your partner for no reason at all.
  • Drink champagne just for the fun of it.
  • Smile the unreasonable smile at work.
  • Call a friend for no specific reason.
  • Send flowers to a friend, just because.
  • Choose to have a great day, regardless.
  • Meditate on unreasonable joy today.
  • Dress up, eat out, your treat, no reason.
  • Let no reason stop you being you today.

The more unconditional you are with yourself, and with others, the easier it is to remember that in truth there is no good reason not to be loving, not to be kind, and not to be joyous. Be unreasonable!

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