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Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Discover life’s stepping stones.
Dr. Darren R. Weissman
Dr. Darren R. Weissman More by this author
Feb 15, 2011 at 09:00 AM

I have a bowl of rocks on my desk in my session room at The Way to Optimal Health Wellness Center. All the children know that when they're finished with their LifeLine session with Dr. Darren that they get to pick one. However, before they run their fingers through the bowl to find the perfect one for that day, I consistently ask them a question. What are the five most important things you can do to be your healthiest and happiest? Depending upon their age they quickly look over at the bottom of The LifeLine Technique Flowchart™ and respond, Water, Food, Rest, Exercise, and Owning Your Power! I give them a high five and tell them to pick one of the many different kinds of rocks they have to choose from. The rocks are literally a stepping stone to raising consciousness.

This ritual that I share with children enforces the evolutionary process that we emotionally go through to gain awareness and put it into action. Each of us has our own particular path or progressive ways of maturing to be the person we desire to be. Rather than a one size fits all journey of knowing and being emotionally savvy to endure a range of internal and external stressors and still be able to flow, the course has many turns, elevations, and terrain.

Alex, a sweet and happy 1st grader who I've known since he was a newborn has a whole bowl of rocks that he has collected throughout the years. He no longer needs to look at the flowchart when asked about the most important things to do to be healthy and happy. He knows and is able to respond with confidence, clarity, and a big smile on his face, Water, Food, Sleep, Playing, and Infinite Love & Gratitude! When Alex has had challenges at school or when his body is speaking to him with physical symptoms, we're now able to anchor a positive and healthy course for him to move forward. The healing shift occurs instantly as we continuously create a collaborative effort for listening to our bodies, being open to our feelings, and living with intention.

I can speak from personal experience, not everyone begins as a newborn with this level of consciousness. However, regardless of where you are or what you've already gone through, the place to begin is where you're at.

I encourage you to acknowledge that there are 5 basic ways for you to be healthy and happy. I also call them the 5 Essential Acts of Self-Love. Like Alex, simply having this knowledge shifts your perspective when you find yourself in life's twists and turns.

The key is consistency, persistency, and an openness to change your course in the moment. Anything or anyone in life that you find yourself emotionally charged by holds a reflection for you to begin to love yourself unconditionally. Make a list of what or who is personally charging you so that you can begin your journey of intentional transformation. It's a process that's unique to everyone and as a result, merely acknowledging what's triggering you is an act of self-heroism and emotional maturity.

Acknowledgement breeds acceptance creating a deeper awareness of feelings you've been harboring in your mind and body. These feelings are the feedback mechanism to let you know when you're on your sacred path of living your purpose or when you've strayed off course. It's important to remember to use feelings as a feedback mechanism rather than an identification of who you are or a limitation of what's possible.

Everything is possible in an infinite universe. Living intentionally is the ultimate act of self-love. It's a process that through a consistent connection to the present moment activates your Will to propel you in the direction of your heart's desire.

Here's a wonderful exercise to use as you finish one chapter of your life and move into the next:

  1. Observe your body and life by noticing even the most subtle feelings of discomfort in the moment. Embrace these feelings with Infinite Love & Gratitude.
  2. Ask your body what emotion it's expressing to you through this feeling. Acknowledge the emotion with Infinite Love & Gratitude.
    See the emotion in your mind. Regardless of thoughts that appear, embrace them with Infinite Love & Gratitude.
  3. Feel the emotion in your heart. Regardless of the feelings, embrace them with Infinite Love & Gratitude.
  4. Hear the emotion by turning up the volume and listening to what that emotion wants you to know. Regardless of the voice or belief it's expressing, embrace them with Infinite Love & Gratitude.
  5. This process will help you to not only appreciate how interconnected emotions are with each and every experience in life, but it provides a practical tool to harmonize and balance the physical and relationship patterns that are resulting as a consequence. I've entrained myself to run this process in my mind as I go throughout my day. It enables and empowers me to live with intention rather than reaction.

What are the 5 most important things you can do to be your healthiest and happiest right now? It's your turn to choose a rock.

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