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Beverages Gone Raw

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Beverages Gone Raw

Take a sip of living vitality.
Jenny  Ross
Jenny Ross More by this author
May 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Summer is on its way and you may find yourself looking to slim your waistline and power up your energy with healthy beverages that keep you cool. When drinks go raw, you ensure health and vitality in every sip!

What makes a drink raw, or living? How it is processed. Many standard drinks are prepared using pasteurized juices, artificial flavors, dairy-based ice creams, and refined sugars to create a sweet flavor. All of these ingredients bump up the calories, sugars, and spike insulin levels leading to that all-too-familiar tired crash about a half hour later.

The alternative is fresh blends concocted from raw fruits and vegetables, using natural sweeteners and containing superfoods for extra nutritional performance—leaving you feeling at your best and ready to conquer at home and in the boardroom.

Try these 5 high-powered blends to boost your health and stamina! These drinks are a good meal replacement any time of the day and can help you infuse more living foods into your diet—packing in the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants without any fillers or artificial substitutes.

  1. Blues Buster
    1 Cup Fresh Organic Blueberries
    1 Organic Banana
    1 Tbsp Maca Root
    1 Tbsp Hemp Seeds
    1 Cup Fresh Young Thai Coconut Water or
    1 Cup Fresh Apple Juice
    Ice is Optional
    Blend and enjoy!
    Why is it good? Blueberries provide an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants helping boost the immune system. Hemp Seeds add necessary essential fatty acids and protein powering up your brain. Young Thai Coconuts are a great way to hydrate. And the Maca Root is high in amino acids so it is naturally energy enhancing. This smoothie is the perfect way to start your day.
  2. Fresh Hemp Milk
    ½ Cup Hemp Seeds
    3 Cups Fresh Water
    Sweetener as desired (recommend 1 Tbsp Agave)
    Why is it good? Finally a quick and easy alternative to boxed milks made from soy and rice. This hemp milk saves for 3 days in the refrigerator and is high in chlorophyll, protein and Omega’s.
  3. Merry Monkey
    1 Organic Banana
    1 Tbsp Almond Butter
    1 Cup Fresh Almond or Hemp Milk
    1 Tsp Cinnamon
    1 Tsp Agave Nectar
    Blend and enjoy!
    Why is it good? For the kid in us all, this shake tastes like it couldn’t possibly be guilt free- but it is! The energy in this shake will take you through the day feeling strong, and the almonds are naturally alkaline-forming leading to that “I feel so good” reaction in the brain.
  4. Mint-Tea Green
    1 Organic Banana or ½ Ripe Avocado
    1 Tbsp Matcha Green Tea
    1 Tsp Fresh Mint Leaves
    2 Leaves Organic Kale
    1 Tsp Agave Nectar
    1 Tsp Cinnamon
    1 Cup Fresh Hemp Milk
    Blend and enjoy!
    Why is it good? Antioxidants, Protein, Vitamin C –oh my! This blend literally packs a nutritional punch but tastes great, too! The mint will leave your taste buds tapping and at the same time aids in digestion, and completely hides the flavor of the kale. A great way to get your greens without eating a salad!
  5. Yogi Juice
    2 Cups Fresh Orange Juice
    3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
    2 Fresh Strawberries or ¼ Cup Raspberries
    1 Tbsp Bee Pollen
    Blend and enjoy!
    Why is it good? Yogi juice provides energy and clarity. Citrus juice is a natural cleanser that is also high in Vitamin C—boosting the immune system and providing sustained energy. Bee Pollen is a complete protein and will definitely leave you buzzing! Bee prepared to power through your practice and the rest of your day.

Shopping for the Beverage Barista? Look to your local health food stores for superfood staples such as maca root, bee pollen and hemp seeds as well as agave nectar. Agave Nectar is an all natural sweetener derived from the agave cactus plant and is low in the glycemic index, so it does not spike insulin levels. Generally these items can be located in the supplement section or raw foods sections of the store. Fruits and vegetables are best from your own garden or a farmers market in the area. Fresh herbs like mint grow easily in the windowsill, so you may want to find a small starter plant to brighten up your kitchen. If you plan to blend daily you may want to invest in a high-powered blender such as a Vita-Mix.

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Jenny  Ross
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