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Born to Create

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Born to Create

When Physical And Non-physical Converge
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Esther and Jerry Hicks More by this author
Dec 27, 2011 at 09:00 AM

Abraham describes the creative power we all possess:

Always, our primary intention as we interact with our physical human friends is to help you remember who you actually are so that you may experience the fullness of appreciation for your part in this joyous, Eternal, Universal creation.

It is an important dance that we dance with one another as we dialogue back and forth between physical perspective and Non-Physical perspective, because both perspectives are integral to the whole.

Both the perspectives of physical and of Non-Physical are essential to our Eternal expansion, but the most significant understanding that we are presenting, and the most important knowledge that you will ever acquire, is about the integration of those two Vibrational vantage points.

Your physical viewpoint is spectacularly compelling to you as you explore it and observe it through the detailed deciphering of your physical senses. The contrast of your tactile, sensuous, fragrant Earth environment, in all of its detail and vividness, causes you to pronounce your world “reality.” Indeed, your attention to your physical world is serving you and All-That-Is extremely well, but there is more to the picture and more to the story of reality than what you are discovering with your physical senses here on your amazing planet, in your amazing galaxy, in your amazing time-space reality. For all of this, all that you see, is a precursor to that which is to come: a bouncing-off place to more joyous reality and more joyous becoming.

When people observe the wonder of their galaxy and planet and speculate that it was somehow set into motion by Non-Physical forces, while their understanding and explanations are scanty, they are essentially accurate: Your physical world is an extension of Non-Physical Energy and creation. Everything that you now behold was created from the conscious attention of Source Energy.

The story of the creation of you and your world is not a story of something that happened—but a story of something that is happening. The Source Energy that created your world continues to flow forth to you and through you for the continuation of creation and for the expansion of the Universe.

Often, humans, in their humility, refuse to accept their important role in the continuing expansion of All-That-Is. It is our desire to awaken within you the memory of who-you-really-are and of why you are here. We want to help you return to the knowledge of your creative ability; we want you to reap the benefits of the important work you are doing in your physical bodies; we want you to return to the Vortex of Creation, which contains all that you desire and all that you have become.

Your physical exposure to your physical world is providing the contrast that is necessary for you to form your opinions and desires about how life could be improved. And even though you cannot see them, and are often unaware of them, your desires for improvement shoot out from you as Vibrational rockets, or messengers of request. They shoot out into the Vibrational atmosphere in the same way that the original rockets that created your planet were sent; and they are received by the Source of the Energy that creates worlds, the same Source Energy that is the origin of All-That-Is. And those ideas, requests, and desires are understood; and—in the moment of their launch—they are answered.

Most people have neither an awareness of the launching of the rockets nor of the receiving and answering by Source, but even so, powerful new creation is begun. Some people, as they contemplate these words, can understand the logic in the Eternal nature of creation. Many can accept that creative forces still exist, and that expansion still continues. But the part that is most often misunderstood, or overlooked, by our human friends is that, in the living of physical life and in the launching of those rockets of desired expansion, it is not only an expanded world you are creating—it is an expanded you.

As you observe sickness, in yourself or in another, you set forth a new Vibrational request for wellness that is received and answered by Source. When the contrast of your physical world reveals to you corruption or injustice, you set forth a new Vibrational request for fairness and justice. When someone is rude to you, your rocket asks for nicer experiences. When you do not have enough financial resources, your rocket asks for more. And with each request offered all day, every day, a Vibrational Escrow, or Vibration Reality, is forming. The Broader, Non-Physical part of you, the part of you that existed even before your birth, the part of you that exists in the Non-Physical even while you are focused in physical—the Source within you (your Inner Being)—not only answers your request for improvement, but becomes it.

People often have a difficult time conceptualizing a creator, or a force, or the process through which something as amazing as your planet, spinning in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets, could have come to be. And yet, even though you do not understand it, and cannot begin to explain it, you are—every one of you—continuing to add to the expansion of all of that through your living of life and the launching of rockets into the Vibrational Reality that will someday be fully realized by physical inhabitants.

We want to call your attention to the Vibrational Reality that you are in the process of creating. We want you to be aware of your Vortex of Creation; and most important of all, we want you to find a way, by the deliberate directing of your own conscious thought, to become a Vibrational Match to the contents of your swirling Vibrational Vortex of Creation, because every desire that has been born within you thus far exists there, just as you have dreamed it to be, waiting for your alignment.

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Esther and Jerry Hicks
Excited about the clarity and practicality of the translated information from the Beings who called themselves Abraham, Jerry and Esther Hicks began disclosing their amazing Abraham experience to a handful of close business associates in 1986. Continue reading