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Bound by Your Past?

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Bound by Your Past?

Let the Spirit move you!
Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson More by this author
Feb 24, 2012 at 09:00 AM

The universe, being the handwriting of the Divine, is a continuous flow of love. Yet the fear-mind seeks to block that love just as continuously as Spirit pours it forth. It would keep you locked in repetitive patterns that prevent you from becoming who you are capable of being. As long as your mind is in service to fear, you are bound to your past. Only in serving love are you free to move forward into a new and truly different future.

Of course you don’t consciously serve fear. The problem is that fear permeates the ethers of the world in which you live, and fear breeds the addictive impulse. This impulse is a primary weapon in the fear-mind’s arsenal, for it knows that if you get to fully live, then it has to die. It is literally fighting for its life, as are you.

Yet you cannot take on the fear-mind directly. You don’t get rid of it by fighting it, but only by transcending it; not by attacking it, but by replacing it. You have spent much of your life saying no to your addiction, but the key to your freedom lies in saying yes to the possible you. The purpose of this lesson is to remove any barriers you still hold against becoming your truest self.

To become the truest you, you must actively embrace the truest you. But this you cannot do if you are ambivalent about this aspect of yourself, or even neutral toward her. In the absence of your heartfelt invitation, she cannot come. This future you—one who lives the highest manifestation of your divine potential—cannot pierce the fear-mind’s veil and simply come toward you. It is your choice—the choice of the current you—whether or not to remove the veil and move toward her. The only way to give her birth into the world is by loving her with all your heart.

It’s a big decision whether or not to embrace her, for in doing so you will become one with her. And for this, you must be ready. You know in your heart that in becoming her, you will lose some aspects of your current personality. Your identity has been wrapped up with being who you are now, even though you are filled with certain aspects of fear and self-loathing. When you look at your resistance, you can begin to remove it. When you look at your fear, you can begin to surrender it. That which is possible will only become probable when and if it is beckoned by love.

And who is the new you? First of all, she loves you completely—is that true of who you are now? She is comfortable in your body—is that true of who you are now? She has a healthy relationship with food—is that true of who you are now? She thinks you’re beautiful—is that true of who you are now? It’s important—in fact, it’s necessary—to realize these gaps in your alignment with your truest self, for then you can give them to Divine Mind for healing. If you do not surrender them, then you might have described them but you will not have removed them. These gaps are the thinnest membrane, really. They are merely thoughts. But there is no wall more intractable than a wall of fearful thoughts, just as there is nothing that can remove the wall more completely than thoughts of love.

Miraculously, you are bound by nothing that has occurred before this moment. The fear-mind would be getting hostile by this point, arguing, “Forget it! It’s gone on too long! You can’t change now!” To which you respond, “Oh yes, I can.” For in God there is no past, but only infinite possibilities for a miraculous future. The only way the past can drag you back is if you choose to bring it with you into the present.

The universe specializes in new beginnings, from the birth of a baby to the appearance of new love. It is the way of nature to begin again, just as it is the way of the fear-mind to stay stuck in the past. You have the ability to change because you are a child of the Divine. Fear would obstruct you, but the hand of God is available to walk you into the dawn of a new day. Do not be concerned about who you were before this moment, for nothing that happened before this instant has power over the will of God. His will is merciful, healing, corrective, and all-powerful. It doesn’t matter what the fear-mind says; you will not hear it if you are listening to Him.

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