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Can Cauliflower Help Prevent Cancer?

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Can Cauliflower Help Prevent Cancer?

A NatureFood wages war on disease.
Susan Smith Jones Ph.D.
Susan Smith Jones Ph.D. More by this author
May 30, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Mark Twain once called cauliflower “a cabbage with a college education.” What Twain didn’t know is that cauliflower can be a valuable asset in the quest for vibrant health. Like other members of the cruciferous family, cauliflower is loaded with nutrients that seem to wage war against a host of diseases, including cancer. It’s also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping the immune system strong.

Although cauliflower’s darker-colored sister, broccoli, has gotten most of the attention for its healing potential, cauliflower also is generously endowed with cancer-preventing powers. In fact, this filling, high-fiber, and low-calorie vegetable (only 25 calories in a cup of florets) is one of the most powerful healing foods you can eat. This same cup has over 100 percent of the RDA of vitamin C, 1/3 of the RDA for folate (the plant source of folic acid), and reasonable amounts of potassium and vitamin B6. It also has bioflavonoids and other chemicals that protect against cancer.

To keep cauliflower’s cancer-fighting indoles intact, keep it out of the heat. Your best bet is either eating it raw or cooking it quickly in a steamer, wok, or microwave. Boiling is the worst way to cook this crucifer. Submerging cauliflower in the hot, roily water will cause it to lose about half of its valuable indoles. I sometimes include cauliflower as one of the key ingredients in my fresh vegetable juices.

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Susan Smith Jones Ph.D.
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