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Can Flowers Heal You?

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Can Flowers Heal You?

7 common varieties speak!
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jul 31, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Mother Nature is a healer, and one of her most powerful gifts comes in the form of flowers. Each variety has a different “personality” to promote physical and emotional wellness. As Heaven’s masterpieces, flowers are Divine vessels of healing, and Flower Therapy is a method of working with different blossoms—based upon their appearance, fragrance, essence, colors, and energies—to address specific needs and desires.

Flower Therapy involves working closely with nature, including the fairies and angels. Fairies make wonderful allies, as they can help you manifest your heart’s desires. When you work with flowers, you automatically access fairy energy. Angels are also associated with each flower. Angels are our loving friends, involved in every aspect of our lives, and present throughout the planet. They are filled with joy when they see us utilizing God’s healing gifts through working with nature.

Flower Therapy is based upon nature’s healing abilities, similar to naturopathic medicine. Like the herbal treatments in naturopathic medicine, flowers can be used to create potent healing effects.

Since the fragrance and colors of flowers extend into the energetic realm, Flower Therapy helps with metaphysical issues. It can deepen your spiritual practice and open your psychic abilities.

Whether you’re working with flowers in your own garden, or specially purchased to heal a specific situation, they will bring more emotional, physical, and spiritual beauty into your life.

Here are 7 of the most common flowers and their healing properties: 

1. African Violet

Healing Description: African violets are wonderful for healers and psychics because they are excellent cleansers of old, heavy energies. They’re great at cleaning spaces, such as homes and offices, as well as your own physical body.

Message from African Violet: “I’ll cleanse away the old and give life to the new. This is a long-overdue process. I can transmute the lower forms of energy within your body and home and return them to their positive state of peace and love.

2. Daisy

Healing Description: Let the daisy take care of you and lift the stress from your shoulders. Daisies deliver peace to your life so you can focus on what is important.

Message from Daisy: “You need to simplify! You’ve got so much going on, and you’re spread too thin. I’m surrounding you and giving you the opportunity to take away the drama and stress.”

3. Dandelion

Healing Description: The yellow flower can heal anger, resentment, bitterness, and jealousy. The characteristic white, snowball-like dandelion seeds are great to work with; they’re especially good for making your dreams come true.

Message from Dandelion: “I’d like to help you rise above lower-energy emotions like bitterness and anger. I can also help with manifesting your wishes.”

4. Gardenia

Healing Description: Gardenia is excellent for anyone suffering from chronic stress. Its flowers clear stressful emotions from your life and remind you that it’s time to smile and play.

Message from Gardenia: “Keep me close, and breathe in my delicate perfume. I’ll help you forget about all the stress and worry you once felt. Now it’s time for you to enjoy the blissful stage of your life.

5. Lilac

Healing Description: Lilac is a wonderful calming flower that works to combat the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is perfect for those with anxiety or depression.

Message from Lilac: “Let’s release those irritating, depressing thoughts that were constantly filling your head, and replace them with positive attitudes and feelings. You can do it, and I’m here to support you.”

6. Orchid

Healing Description: The energy of orchids lifts you up higher and higher. It reminds you that you deserve nothing but the best and that this is the only thing you should focus on achieving.

Message from Orchid: “With each step you take, you’re being drawn closer and closer to your goal. Now is not the time to give up; this is the time to push yourself a little further. Continue reaching for the stars.

7. Rose (Red)

Healing Description: Red roses are the epitome of love and passion, and a traditional romantic gift. Feel as this powerful healing energy effortlessly melts blockages in your heart. Now it will be easier to attract or enhance love in your life.

Message from Red Rose: “You deserve love; let me help you in this area. Together we will find the deep connection and passion you seek. With your permission, I will heal those wounds and allow you to move forward with positivity.

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