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Can You Change Reality?

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Can You Change Reality?

Startling news about your role in the universe.
Gregg  Braden
Gregg Braden More by this author
Aug 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Scientific evidence now reveals that belief affects everything from the healing of our bodies to the atoms of Reality itself! What could be more important than understanding how to use such an awesome power to reverse disease, create peace and abundance and even change Reality itself?

Scientists have shown that while we may think we’re only watching and observing our world, in fact, it’s impossible for us to simply “watch” anything. Whether our attention is focused on a quantum particle during a laboratory experiment or anything else, from the healing of our body to the success of our careers and relationships, we have expectations and beliefs about what we’re watching. Sometimes we’re consciously aware of our expectations and beliefs. But oftentimes we’re not. It’s these inner experiences that become part of what we’re focused on. By “watching” we become part of what we’re watching.

In the words of physicist John Wheeler, that makes us all “participators.” The reason? When we focus our attention on a given place in a moment of time, we involve our consciousness. And in the vast field of consciousness it appears that there’s no clear boundary that tells us where we stop and the rest of the world begins. When we think of the world this way, it becomes clear why the ancients believed that everything is connected. As energy, it is.

As scientists continue to explore just what it means to be participators, new evidence points to an inescapable conclusion: That we live in an interactive reality where we change the world around us by changing what happens inside of us while we’re watching—our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The implication is clear: From the healing of disease and the length of our lives, to the success of our careers and relationships, everything that we experience as “life” is directly linked to what we believe.

We find ourselves faced with undeniable evidence confirming that we are the architects of our reality. With this confirmation, we also find that we have the power to make disease obsolete and relegate war to a memory of our past. Suddenly, the key to catapult our greatest dreams into reality is within our reach. It all comes back to us. Where do we fit in the universe? What is it that we’re supposed to be doing in life?

The transformation that the reality revolution brings to our lives has erupted with a force unmatched by anything in the past because the same discoveries that have sparked the questions have also led to the conclusion that the “facts” we’ve trusted for 300 years to explain the universe and our role in it are flawed. They’re based upon two assumptions that have been proven to be false: (1) The space between “things” is empty; and (2) Our inner experiences of feeling and belief have no effect upon the world beyond our bodies.

Paradigm-shattering experiments, published in leading-edge, peer-reviewed journals reveal that we’re bathed in a field of intelligent energy that fills what used to be thought of as empty space. Beyond any reasonable doubt, additional discoveries show that this field responds to us—it literally rearranges itself—in the presence of our heart-based feelings and beliefs to become the healing of our bodies and the peace of our world! And this is the revolution that changes everything.

With these and similar discoveries in mind, we must ask ourselves the question that is perhaps the most revealing of all: Are we born with the natural ability to create and modify our bodies and the world? If so, then we must be willing to ask an even more difficult question: What responsibility do we have to use our birth-given power in the presence of what are arguably the greatest threats to the future of our lives, our world, and even our species? 

The Bottom Line: To change our lives and relationships, heal our bodies and bring peace to our families and nations requires a shift in the way we use belief.

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Gregg  Braden
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