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Celebrity Faces Tell All!

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Celebrity Faces Tell All!

What Tiger, Kate and Charlie couldn’t hide.
Jean  Haner
Jean Haner More by this author
Jan 24, 2010 at 09:00 AM

My work isn't about reading celebrities' faces, but it can be valuable to use them as “teaching tools” because we're all so familiar with their appearance and because they can represent archetypal images for us. So with that intent in mind, here are some thoughts about famous people recently in the news!

Tiger Woods: For years, I've looked at Tiger's lower lip and wondered how long he could keep up his mask as such a true-blue guy. His lower lip is almost flaccid; in other words, it often seems to hang a bit too loosely as if it lacks muscle tone. This indicates a problem with self-control and, combined with the lip's size and shape, particularly hints at someone who will have difficulty being faithful in relationship.

His eyes reveal his great ability to charm, enhanced by a strong need for attention and affection, further increasing the chance he'd be inclined to behave exactly as he has. His overall qi (energy) is very out of balance, inevitable for someone who's not living authentically. Things didn't have to turn out like they have, but it requires conscious work to live in integrity, and perhaps he channeled all his attention to his external success and none to becoming a master of his inner world. And now he's being given the opportunity to correct that, though his family has been caused such pain in the process. I hope at least that his story may create ripples of positive change for us in our own relationships.

Kate Gosselin: I'm at a bit of a disadvantage here, because I don't watch reality shows. But at least this lets you know I'm working with a clean slate, not knowing much about her! Kate's face shows a woman with strong opinions and a direct way of expressing them. In her world, things need to be just so and she has a hard time restraining herself from speaking up if something doesn't suit her. She has the potential to be domineering, and won’t easily back down or compromise in an argument.

Her cheeks reveal a tendency to blurt things out under stress rather than try to express her mind with much tact. Her brow area shows that she'll be likely to fall into frustration and anger, and she definitely needs ways to blow off steam in life. Her jaw and eyebrows show she has a lot of energy and drive, which can be great for career - and for dealing with the heavy demands she faces as mother of such a crowd. When it comes to compatibility in relationship, she needs someone who's equally as driven and focused, but when we look at her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, that's not what we see!

Jon Gosselin: Jon actually shares some of Kate's qualities in terms of a desire to control and need to have things his way. But that can be more of a recipe for conflict and not compatibility! His eyes and lower cheeks show the potential of being too set in his ways, unwilling to compromise, and to respond passive-aggressively under stress. When I look at his upper lip, I see someone who has a need for drama in life, and if there's not enough to suit his nature, he'll go ahead and create it! But both of these people have a lifelong tendency to care more about how things look on the surface, to the outside world, rather than address the difficult work of dealing with personal problems. Their misguided strategy was “if we all pretend everything is fine, then it will be.”

Charlie Sheen: I’ve been using his face in my workshops as a classic example of someone who has impulse control problems, addictive tendencies and anger issues. The messages contained in his large and highly-defined jaw, his indented temples, and pointy upper lip are just a few of the things that reveal the potential for these kinds of difficulties in life. In addition, his mouth shows someone who’s hedonistic, and with a strong likelihood of problems with the women in his life that may have originated from a troubled relationship with his mother.

This time in his life actually offers him the opportunity to make a powerful shift, but if he doesn’t, his face says that his 50’s will be an incredibly painful time, when he’ll be forced to deal with these issues. He has the potential to become a wonderful force for positive change, helping to make the world a better place, if he can just work through these personal issues.

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