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Chakra-Opening Exercises for Working With Crystals

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Chakra-Opening Exercises for Working With Crystals

Judy Hall shares two essential chakra-opening exercises that will revolutionise your crystal work
Judy Hall
Jan 29, 2015 at 03:00 AM

Although crystals might look solid, like everything else in the universe they are actually a few particles vibrating in a great deal of seemingly empty space. The ancients, and most crystal workers today, would argue that this space is filled with divine energy or consciousness.

To get the most out of crystals, you need to find those that are truly yours. Each person has a unique energy frequency and the secret to effective crystal working is to find the crystals that respond to you.

Everyone who is interested in crystals has had the experience of a crystal ‘winking’ at them. You go into a shop or trawl the internet and a crystal catches your eye. This is the one for you. It is not necessarily the biggest, prettiest or priciest. It may be a raw lump, tumbled or faceted. But it is the most potent for you personally.

So, go into a shop and see what calls to you. These eager beings have been longing to work with you. Now is the time. But whatever you do, first open the chakras in your palms and set your root in place.

The palm chakras

There is one simple thing that enables the maximum contact with crystals, and that is opening the energy-sensitive chakras in the centre of your palms. Although these chakras are little known, they are what make healing and feeling crystal energies so potent.

Exercise: Opening the palm chakras

* Open and close your hands, forming fists, several times.

* Bring your hands together with straight fingers so that the palms touch.

* Flex your fingers down and open your hands slightly, then bring them back together again.

* Repeat several times. Your palms may start to tingle and it will feel as though a ball of energy is building up between them. This indicates that your palm chakras are opening.

* Always open these chakras before choosing or working with a crystal.

Growing your root (shamanic anchor)

The second thing that makes working with crystal energies easier – and helps you to feel secure – is to open the Earth Star chakra, or energy centre, beneath your feet. This chakra helps you to grow a ‘root’ that goes deep down into the Earth and grounds your energies. Earth energy travels up this root and healing energy goes down through it, setting up a circuit that helps you channel subtle crystal energy into the physical dimension and makes your crystal work more powerful.

Exercise: Opening the Earth Star chakra

* Stand for a few moments with your feet slightly apart, your knees relaxed and somewhat bent and your hands loosely clasped beneath your navel over your sacral chakra (see page 102).

* Picture a dinner-plate-sized vortex of energy spinning beneath your feet.

* Consciously make a connection through your hands, across to your hips, down each leg and out through your feet to the vortex below.

* Picture the Earth Star vortex opening like a flower to receive the two strands of energy.

* As you make the connection, bounce a little to strengthen it.

* Visualize the energy cords twining together to make a root that goes deep down into the Earth and anchors itself to the huge iron crystal at the core. This cord is your shamanic anchor. It holds you lightly on the Earth.
* Open the Earth Star chakra whenever you work with crystal energies.

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